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Hi my name is Emma ~ I am 23 and Irish~

My starsign is cancer, my chinese Zodiac is an Earth Dragon. If I was in one of them there anime I think i'd be a Cool big sis , i'm also an ESFJ personality type~

[personal profile] zone is my Donsaeng
[community profile] megare is kawaii uguuu

I love cute things, rose scent, bathbombs, Lush, Green, I love vintage floral things, pearls, vinatge jewellery, Mameshiba, koreans, Jpop, Kpop, Choi Minho, CNU, strange cheesy music, Ballads, Slow Music, sweet music, Pastels, puppies, dogs, big cats, alpaca plushies, the woods, Monokuro boo, Rillakuma, stationary, stupid tv shows, snow, winter, fluffy things, cushions.

My fandoms are uh, Homestuck, Uta na Prince sama, Kimi Ni Todoke, Tiger and Bunny, Hana Yori Dango, Starry Sky, Kpop, Durarara, and I am a big lover of slice of life shoujo.


Wow that's kind of a lot of stuff oops.
I tend to be a hermit a lot, because my room is so nice I never want to leave it!


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Name - Emma
Nickname - Emmargh, Unnie.
Age - 23
Birthday -25th of June
Zodiac - Western; Cancer I think this and my Easter zodiac (Dragon) suit me.

Hair - It's black and past shoulder length atm, but my fringe is dumb guh.
Eyes - Greenish Grey, my left eye has a brown dot in it!
Height - 5"5
Body Type - ffff atm I am a pear shape, BUT NOT FOR LONG!

Relationship Status - Forever Arone (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻
Kids - Delicious!
Pets - We have six dogs, I personally own one :> Nady! A black, brown and white Terrier! I got her from a good friend for Christmas one year!

Religious - Idk i'm kind of Catholic, where I believe in heaven and an afterlife
Political Views - idk, I forgot to vote last time orz.
Location - Ireland, the very middle of Ireland!

Favourite colour- Yellowish green, Silver, Gold, Teal.
Favourite Flower - Orchids.
Favourite Movie - Never been kissed, Interview with the vampire, Zombieland, the men who stare at goats, and Howls moving castle.
Favourite Song(s) - Beautiful Target - B1A4, Life goes on side D - Chemistry.

Random facts about you
1. I am so obsessed with earrings right now. I have my ears pierced a few times in different places, and I like have different earrings in them, yet they must be symmetrical, I especially love punkish metal hoops. The ones I have atm are thick, with stars on them.

2. I've gotten really into cute things, Stars, patterns, pastel colours, pugs. All these things iv'e started finding really cute and it's all of a sudden and I don't know why!

3. Love is for the weak, i've sort of decided that I won't go out with anyone or try liking anyone till i'm happy with how I look, I feel so proud deciding this.

Story behind your username -
It's from a manga. I am a weaboo ;w; or at least I feel like one orz. There's a guy in Yumemiru Taiyou and people refer to him as landlord even tho he has a name and it just stuck.

A quote that sums you up :
/steals from Lily's FB;

3 Major things going on in your life right now ;
(can I say nothing?)

1. I have no idea what's brought it about but i've got a case of confidence atm, it feels so weird. SO WEIRD. It might just be a super good mood as of late but I am not feeling shit and it's so unusual.

2. I've lost 2 stone in weight, AKA 28 pounds. I feel so insanely proud of this, I was quite overweight for a while and I want to be pretty and feel so good and I finally got up and started doing something about it, instead of complaining.

3. I have the best friends ever. THE END.
Especially my moirail. <> I would not be this cool without her.


Jan. 5th, 2012 11:04 pm
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The year started off pretty dern awesome, I spent New Years in Cheltenham in England with some super good friends of mine. I had so much fun, we wore formal outfits, ate teppanyaki, played Cluedo, and rang in the New Year amazingly. Something like 8 different toasts to celebrate, with vodka and vermouth~ also a toast for kinks and a toast for Nicolas Cage, I see nothing wrong with these. Also as we rang in the new year there was a star projector which was gorgeous and the atmosphere was so amazing!

We ambled up the stairs drunk at some point and danced to 'Just Dance' on the Kinect, in what I can only describe to be utter chaos, and hilarity. Some wonderful quotes happened too because I am the best derp ever; 'It's not unlike the Irish to die over a potato' and 'What the fuck is a Nick Clegg' because I do not follow English politics, bar what i've learned from English comedy shows. Oops.

I say with utmost certainty that the people I celebrated the New Year with are some of the greatest people I will probably ever know. They're sort of a rock in my life because i'm filled with a lot of idk how to describe it, paranoia and stuff about people. What is trust?

Anyway back to the good things; I got amazing presents that I am so happy with; Origami stars, Kuragehime guide, DISCO MUG?!?!?, a new scarf, gemstone, one of a kind art drawn by a friend, Nicolas cage dvd's, Owl hot water bottle and more~ I cannot actually remember everything!

As for things like resolutions ohgod what will I say;
My resolution's are to endeavor to keep losing weight and hit my goal if I can,
Get over my social anxieties, make more time just for me, and be happy.
Also less alcohol, or idk moderate it when I do drink.

So to anyone who knows me (lol even tho they shan't read this) I love you so much, stay with me for 2012 too please.
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My god I hate travelling via planes, most jittery mother fucker to ever fly; that is me o(╥﹏╥)o

I have to leave home at 12.30 in the am, with my bro who wants to leave 2 hours early for chips, get a bus at 2.25am, travel till 4.30am to the airport, wait till 6.30 am for the plane, get plane, que fetal position and tears. Land, wait for Lily, doss about till a train near one, then go to see the guys!

I will miss my family uguuu.
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I feel like I should make this memorable somehow

Uh~ I am such a boring person whoops, i'm just sitting at the table drinking fruit water because i'm badass secretly.
I am in a snug hoodie and i'm supposed to go to the gym in half an hour but I just want to sleep in my new bear jammies? ;--; why can't I be left be tonight. Also my ipod is dead, I should maybe charge it?


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