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Hi my name is Emma ~ I am 23 and Irish~

My starsign is cancer, my chinese Zodiac is an Earth Dragon. If I was in one of them there anime I think i'd be a Cool big sis , i'm also an ESFJ personality type~

[personal profile] zone is my Donsaeng
[community profile] megare is kawaii uguuu

I love cute things, rose scent, bathbombs, Lush, Green, I love vintage floral things, pearls, vinatge jewellery, Mameshiba, koreans, Jpop, Kpop, Choi Minho, CNU, strange cheesy music, Ballads, Slow Music, sweet music, Pastels, puppies, dogs, big cats, alpaca plushies, the woods, Monokuro boo, Rillakuma, stationary, stupid tv shows, snow, winter, fluffy things, cushions.

My fandoms are uh, Homestuck, Uta na Prince sama, Kimi Ni Todoke, Tiger and Bunny, Hana Yori Dango, Starry Sky, Kpop, Durarara, and I am a big lover of slice of life shoujo.


Wow that's kind of a lot of stuff oops.
I tend to be a hermit a lot, because my room is so nice I never want to leave it!


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zone: (rin ; remote control)
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