Jan. 5th, 2012


Jan. 5th, 2012 11:04 pm
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The year started off pretty dern awesome, I spent New Years in Cheltenham in England with some super good friends of mine. I had so much fun, we wore formal outfits, ate teppanyaki, played Cluedo, and rang in the New Year amazingly. Something like 8 different toasts to celebrate, with vodka and vermouth~ also a toast for kinks and a toast for Nicolas Cage, I see nothing wrong with these. Also as we rang in the new year there was a star projector which was gorgeous and the atmosphere was so amazing!

We ambled up the stairs drunk at some point and danced to 'Just Dance' on the Kinect, in what I can only describe to be utter chaos, and hilarity. Some wonderful quotes happened too because I am the best derp ever; 'It's not unlike the Irish to die over a potato' and 'What the fuck is a Nick Clegg' because I do not follow English politics, bar what i've learned from English comedy shows. Oops.

I say with utmost certainty that the people I celebrated the New Year with are some of the greatest people I will probably ever know. They're sort of a rock in my life because i'm filled with a lot of idk how to describe it, paranoia and stuff about people. What is trust?

Anyway back to the good things; I got amazing presents that I am so happy with; Origami stars, Kuragehime guide, DISCO MUG?!?!?, a new scarf, gemstone, one of a kind art drawn by a friend, Nicolas cage dvd's, Owl hot water bottle and more~ I cannot actually remember everything!

As for things like resolutions ohgod what will I say;
My resolution's are to endeavor to keep losing weight and hit my goal if I can,
Get over my social anxieties, make more time just for me, and be happy.
Also less alcohol, or idk moderate it when I do drink.

So to anyone who knows me (lol even tho they shan't read this) I love you so much, stay with me for 2012 too please.

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